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Tired Of Living With Pain?

Introducing Intelligent Microcurrent

The Electro-Equiscope® as well as the Electro-Acuscope® and Electro-Myopulse® are advanced microcurrent devices that can detect and correct damaged tissue and improve cellular function. The unique feature of these devices is the use of bio-feedback whereby the instruments decipher the information received and adjust the current output as the tissue requires. This corrective current allows the body to return to homeostasis and heal itself. It is non-invasive, drug-free and painless.

Impedance controlled Intelligent Microcurrent therapy was able to reduce pain levels in 90% of the patients. Greater range of motion, reduced inflammation and an improved sense of well-being were noted. No adverse effects were observed.

Made in the USA by Integrated Biomedical Corporation, the Electro-Equiscope ® combines the Electro-Acuscope ® and Electro-Myopulse ® FDA registered Class II devices in one portable unit.

Our proprietary Intelligent Microcurrent™ protocols utilizing the Electro-Equiscope® has been used to successfully address:

Acute/Chronic Pain

Joint Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury



Back/Neck Pain

And More...